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Orangutans are on the

Brink Of Extinction

6,200,000 acres/year DESTROYED


PALM OIL DEMAND quadrupled & rising

Human contact

For every baby orangutan sold in the illegal pet market, 4 or 5 babies and their mothers die.

Plummeting populations

50% population drop in 16 yrs

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Pop Est: 104,700 (Bornean), 13,846 (Sumatran), 800 (Tapanuli)

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Our mission is to radically increase global familiarity and urgent action to ensure the future survival of Orangutans.
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2019 Borneo Wildfires: Destroyed 810,505 acres of orangutan forest habitat

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95% of donations directly support these current initiatives.
Livable Forests

Orangutans and all the other forest species cannot survive without adequate healthy forests. Help us expand, preserve and restore critical forest habitat.


Fragmented forests make it impossible for Orangutans to find adequate forests. Join us in improving Orangutan mobility.


Orangutan survival depends on fresh thinking and innovative solutions from individuals and organizations around the globe.

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