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At least 2,000 to 3,000 Orangutans are killed every year


We are on a mission to radically increase global awareness and urgent action to ensure the future survival of orangutans. We want to shake things up and won’t stop until we achieve critical mass whereby enough people worldwide take action on behalf of orangutans so they not only survive but thrive.

Marcia Garceau, PHD
President & Founder

The number of people who know about Orangutans and are doing something is dwarfed by the billions of people who know nothing and aren’t taking action. We aim to change this.

Our Team

Marcia Garceau, PHD
President & Founder

Passionate environmentalist and conservationist with a life-long interest in primates.

Kristen Heard
Board Member

Creative marketing/communications strategist with a background in biology and a focus on creating content that promotes positive conservation-minded behavior change.

Katie Badowski
Board Member

Background in biology with and emphasis in human-primate coexistence and experience in primate research. Currently working at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Conservation education.

Dika Fei
Web Developer

As a certified-elite web designer and developer based in Jakarta, Indonesia with his team, Dika works on our website’s appearance and functionality. With a love of nature, he can be found cleaning the beach and neighborhood sewage, in his free time.

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Key Initiatives

We are dedicated to achieving critical mass and supporting key Orangutan initiatives. Our over-arching area of interst is in ensuring sufficient vital habitat and specific projects related to this broad issue will change over time.

Forest Protection

We are partnering with Orangutan Foundation International to protect more than 7,900 acres of biologically-rich forest area in Borneo. This critical area is home to approximately 100 wild orangutans and is critical to their long-term survival in the wild. Our current project seeks to raise funds for four or five patrol posts at strategic locations in this area to secure it from illegal wildlife poachers, loggers, and other threats.

Emergency Relief

Fires, COVID, increased poaching threats, etc., strain already tight budgets. We raise funds to assist other orangutan-oriented organizations during times of crisis.

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Orangutans eat up to 400 different types of plants with fruit comprising most of their diets.

Save Orangutans Now

Guiding Principles
We Believe…
You don’t have to be an expert to make a difference.
Small steps made by enough people can solve big problems.
Curiosity, fresh ideas, inspiration and resiliency are golden.
There is no one best solution: experiment, experiment, experiment.
Some is better than none.
Build bridges, collaborate, cooperate and do no harm.
Think and act holistically, assimilating, integrating and unifying all pieces of the puzzle.
Act with a sense of urgency, complacency kills.