Wild-born captive species around the globe—including hundreds of orangutans at rescue and rehabilitation centers throughout Indonesia, are awaiting release back into the wild because there isn’t enough safe natural habitat left.  Destruction, degradation, and fragmentation of natural habit is a key factor contributing to unprecedented extinction and rapidly declining biodiversity.  

Rewilding is a movement to restore native plant and animal species to help struggling ecosystems self-regulate and do what nature knows to do.  Recent research also suggests that restoring wildlife populations and allowing species to play their functional roles in ecosystems, offers untapped potential as a solution to climate change.  

No ecosystem or action is too small to matter.  We can plant native species in our own spaces, volunteer to clean up and rewild our communities, or donate to organizations that lead rewilding projects.   

We can all play a part in rewilding.  Learn more with this video.

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